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The Annapolis Film Festival has enjoyed the enthusiastic support of our community since we produced our first Film Festival in 2013.  To encourage community engagement through film on a year-round basis, AFF began experimenting with occasional film screenings beyond the Festival season beginning in 2018.  These screenings offered film lovers the opportunity to see highly acclaimed documentary and narrative feature films before their wide release and included thought-provoking films that might not otherwise be shown in Annapolis.

The mission of the Annapolis Film Festival is now being formally extended through the launch of the Annapolis Film Society, which will host screenings and other special film-related events all year long.  The Annapolis Film Society is dedicated to the celebration of the art of film, to using its power and magic to bring together our diverse community in thoughtful dialogue, and to partnering with other artistic organizations and business leaders to foster ongoing conversations.

Why AFS?

Want to see first-release films before anyone else? Interested in viewing independent documentaries and narrative feature films that are not readily available to the public? Enjoy hearing the insiders perspective from special industry guests and filmmakers when available? Suffering from withdrawal when the Annapolis Film Festival Wraps up each spring? If so, the Annapolis Film Society is for you!

Founders Circle Members

Individuals and couples who wish to support independent filmmaking and make a major commitment to AFS will want to become a member of the Founders Circle, which includes exclusive benefits. Membership in the Founders Circle is only available until September 30, 2020.

Carol Alexander & Tom Muha
Randi & Jon Altschuler
Brenda & Tom Anderson
Kathleen & Ward Anderson
Lee Anderson
Missy & Dan Attridge
Susan Baum
Patti Baum
Georgie & Ted Berkinshaw
Lou & Laurie Berman
James D Biles III
George Bittar
Martha Blaxall & Joe Dickey
Hal & Mary Bloom
Steve Bookshester & Pamela Forbes
John Booth
Marti & Michael Boyd
Allison & Drew Breittholz
Carole Brown
Steve & Laura Burns
Bill & Norma Byrd
Mary & Edward Byrns Jr.
Frank Campbell
Chaney Family
Milo & Wendy Cividanes
Tara Clifford
Ruth Anderson Coggeshall
Jane Cooper & Philip Angell
Dick & Dorothy D'Amato
Michael P. Darrow
James Edmund Datri
Jane Davis
James DeGraffenreidt & Mychelle Farmer
Sheree Dierdorff
Sonia & Jerry Feldman
Jack Flynn
Debbie & Dwight Fortier
Karen & Dennis Frank
Dick Franyo
Al & Ginger From
Emil Gallina
Pamela Gentry
Phil & Meri Gibbs
Harmindar Gill
Parabh Gill & Rob Meek
Sonny Gill
Faith Goldstein & Jesse Cunitz
Christine C. Haines
Alyson L. Hall, MD
Heidi & David Handelsman
Lynne & Larry Harding
John Heinz & Lynn Ohman
Mandisa Henry
Fern Hill
Jane & Leo Hruska
Calvin & Deborah Huey
M.E. Iwata
Joan & Walker Johnson
Jonathan & Marnie Kagan
Lee Kleiman
Jennifer Klepper
Denise Koch & Jackson Phippin
Robyn & Bill Kress
Vishnupriya Krishna & Prasad Savana
Jeff Kucine
David & Katie Leavey
Jessica Lebling
Ellen & Hank Libby
Elizabeth Liechty
Sandra Liotta & Carl Osterman
Thomas Maronick Jr.
Alex McCrary & Corky Piwoz
John McLeod & Elenor Perfetto
Lynn McReynolds & Bert Carp
Colby Reed Miller
June Miller
Michael & Cheryl Miller
Kathy Miller
Frank Moorman
Valerie Lynn Morgan, DDS
Bob & Allie Murphy
Dee & Sandra Murray
Milissa Murray
Regina Novotny & Charles Findley
Mairead O'Reilly, DDS
Lynn Ohman & John Heintz
Tony Olmert
Lily Openshaw
Elba Pacheco
Mark Piccirilli
Angela Peterman & Ed Ponatoski
Michael & Laura Philips
Dee & Heather Podosek
Allison Porter & Greg Barranco
Doug Potash
Rick & Mary Anne Rathmann
Laura Ricciardelli & David Watt
Rick Rickertson
Wayne & Valerie Rogers
Janice John Roper-Graham
Sue Russell
Barbara & Everett Santos
Kurt & Patricia Schmoke
Cyndee Scholz
Martha & John Schwieters
Phil Schrivener
Margery Silverton
Raymond & Linda Simanowith
JP Sollock
Margo & Allesandro Speciale
Lucy Spiegel
David & Noni Standish
Cheryl & Leo Sturulakis
Jay Stearns
Carol & David Stern
Kitty & Tom Stoner
Brendan Sullivan & Lila O'Brien
William M. (Bill) Sweetser
Sonja Swygert
Nikki & Brian Trevey
Susan & Greg Walker
Arlene & Jim Walsh
Chuck Walsh
Patti White
Yamma & Marullis Williams
Woody & Amanda Woodyard
Ginger Woolridge & Peter Biche
Greg Younger

Annapolis Film Society Members receive special benefits throughout the year!

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