About the Annapolis Film Festival

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The Annapolis Film Festival and Annapolis Film Society bring together a diverse cross-section of our community and beyond for a shared cinema experience that enlightens, entertains, and inspires, sparking conversation and connection within our community.

The Annapolis Film Festival showcases more than 70 films over four days, and features panel discussions, post-screening Q&As, coffee talks, and more with filmmakers, directors, and industry experts each year.

The Annapolis Film Society extends our mission all year long providing audiences with thought-provoking, highly acclaimed newly released documentary and narrative feature screenings as well as, special industry guests, and featured speakers throughout the year.

Together, the Annapolis Film Festival and Film Society foster conversation and shared understanding of the human experience through the art of film.

Our Mission

The Annapolis Film Society and Film Festival provide curated cinematic arts experiences to ignite, inspire, and entertain. Through independent film, we showcase film makers, global viewpoints and diverse perspectives that spark conversation and understanding to bond and unify our community.

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