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The Annapolis Film Festival has enjoyed the enthusiastic support of our community since we produced our first Film Festival in 2013.  To encourage community engagement through film on a year-round basis, AFF began experimenting with occasional film screenings beyond the Festival season beginning in 2018.  These screenings offered film lovers the opportunity to see highly acclaimed documentary and narrative feature films before their wide release and included thought-provoking films that might not otherwise be shown in Annapolis.

The mission of the Annapolis Film Festival is now being formally extended through the launch of the Annapolis Film Society, which will host screenings and other special film-related events all year long.  The Annapolis Film Society is dedicated to the celebration of the art of film, to using its power and magic to bring together our diverse community in thoughtful dialogue, and to partnering with other artistic organizations and business leaders to foster ongoing conversations.

Why AFS?

Want to see first-release films before anyone else? Interested in viewing independent documentaries and narrative feature films that are not readily available to the public? Enjoy hearing the insiders perspective from special industry guests and filmmakers when available? Suffering from withdrawal when the Annapolis Film Festival Wraps up each spring? If so, the Annapolis Film Society is for you!

Founders Circle Members

Individuals and couples who wish to support independent filmmaking and make a major commitment to AFS will want to become a member of the Founders Circle, which includes exclusive benefits. Membership in the Founders Circle is only available until April 30, 2021.

Dick & Dorothy Walsh D'Amato
Emil N. Gallina
Newton & Pamela Gentry
Parabh Gill & Rob Meek
Mary Ellen Iwata
Bryan & Jennifer Klepper
Elizabeth A. Liechty
Sandy Liotta & Carl Osterman
Lynn McReynolds & Bert Carp
V. Lynn Morgan
Dee & Sandra Murray
Regina Novotny & Charles Findley
Angela Peterman & Ed Ponatoski
Mark Piccirilli
Wayne Rogers
Janice John Roper-Graham
Phil Scrivener & Lucy Spiegel
Leo & Cheryl Staurulakis
Jessica & Gary Daigle
Susan & Greg Walker
Martha Blaxall & Joe Dickey
Krista Criswell

Annapolis Film Society Members receive special benefits throughout the year!

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