Feature Films

Ian Watson
Brian Chambers, Tsu Shan Chambers, Steve Jaggi
Kent Marcus
Principal Cast:
Reece Noi, Yiana Pandelis, Christine Anu, Todd McKenney, Paula Duncan, Terry Serio, Ana Maria Belo, Anthony Brandon Wong, Tsu Shan Chambers

There’s a silent synchronicity when Noah, a disillusioned musician, returns home to Australia for some soul searching and meets Finn, a hearing-impaired trans DJ trying to build up a community nightclub for the deaf. Despite the initial language barrier, they find common ground as they chase dreams and confront demons on their journeys to self-acceptance. Ally Burnham’s poignant and sensitively written screenplay lends a natural sense of humor and humanity to this story that epitomizes falling in love with the person and not the gender. Reece Noi and Yiana Pandelis bring a pure authenticity and a fiery magnetism to their roles and to the chemistry between Noah and Finn in this perceptive and inclusive romantic drama.

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