Feature Films

Nikole Beckwith
Daniela Taplin Lundberg, Anthony Brandonisio, Tim Headington
Frank Barrera
Principal Cast:
Patti Harrison, Ed Helms, Rosalind Chao, Timm Sharp, Bianca Lopez, Nora Dunn, Fred Melamed, Tig Notaro, Julio Torres
Together Together

Matt is a middle-aged man whose business is clicking, but his biological clock is ticking. Anna is a young woman who needs extra cash to say "hasta la vista" to her job as a barista. These two disparate souls intersect when Matt (played by Ed Helms) hires Anna (played by Patti Harrison) to be his gestational surrogate. At first, the two have nothing in common in this purely transactional relationship, but they slowly begin to bond over prenatal classes, counseling sessions, and binge-watching episodes of Friends. Nikole Beckwith subverts the rom-com formula with her smart and snappy script to create a refreshing dramedy about falling in "like" with your platonic soul mate.

Together Together

Together Together Q&A
YouTube Video Approx. 22:11 min.

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