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Annapolis is the sailing capital of the United States and home of the U.S. Naval Academy and the Sailing Hall of Fame, therefore, we would be remiss not to showcase the best films in boating and sailing each year. From daring solo sails, to competitive regattas and the Rolex race around the world, see fellow sailors navigating and cruising around the world in this popular showcase each year. This showcase offers many different views of life on the ocean. Each year, we gather top sailing gurus both local and from afar to lead us in a Q&A following the film. Hosted by local Annapolitan and sailor Gary Jobson, (former ESPN sailing correspondent) the conversation is relevant to everyone, but landlubbers.
Zach Carver
Zach Carver, Ian Morland, Liv von Oelreich
Principal Cast:
The Race to Alaska

There’s just one prerequisite for the 750-mile, motor-less boat race from Port Townsend, WA, through British Columbia’s beautiful but punishing waterways to Ketchikan, Alaska – you’ve gotta be a little crazy! On dinghies, water-bikes, and trimarans, intrepid mariners tame nature’s forces and find solutions when there’s no way out, lending a visceral feel to this emotionally immersive and comically irreverent film. Few care about the finish line (most crave the 2nd Prize set of steak knives) - it’s about seamanship and ingenuity on open waters where rollerblade wheels, free paint, and scrounged, recycled materials are the winners.

Race to Alaska

Race to Alaska Q&A
YouTube Video Approx. 40:00 min.

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