Feature Films

Jeff Beals, Matthew Beals
The Beals Brothers
Matthew Beals
Principal Cast:
Jeremy Rishe, Ray Reynolds, Doug Farrell, Dale E. Turner, Brian Dale Brown, Julius Callahan, Mark Beltzman, Maxx Maulion, Marc Geller,
The Marshmallow Mystery Tour

The Annapolis Film Festival is proud to be a cultural tastemaker by presenting the WORLD PREMIERE of the most unique independent film of the year. And the innovative recipe behind this newly acquired taste is a mix of documentary, mockumentary, and sweet-spirited satire. Take a cup of Super Size Me with an ounce of Sooper Goop and then add a pinch of National Lampoon’s Vacation a dab of Best in Show a dash of Blazing Saddles and a smidgen of Borat and then sprinkle with a generous amount of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and you have a scrumdiddlyumptious cinematic feast. Started over 5 years ago when Gene Wilder was still around to give the film his blessing, the Beals Brothers meticulously crafted every detail of this fantastical journey through the kitschy cultural history of candy, its corporate dark side and scary urban legends. The tour guide is the amiable Jeremy Rishe, who plays a slightly cynical yet naively idealistic young filmmaker hired to create a promo video for a new candy theme park called Mallowland. Along the way he confronts candy bombers, sugar slave traders, shady ice cream trucks, and a mob of homicidal brand mascots in the ultimate amusement park ride with surprising twists and turns around every corner. And remember folks, you saw it here first…

The Marshmallow Mystery Tour

The Marshmallow Mystery Tour Q&A
YouTube Video Approx. 28:28 min.

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