Feature Films

Braden King
Braden King, Lucas Joaquin, Tom Skapars, Derrick Tseng, Tim White, Trevor White
Declan Quinn
Principal Cast:
Philip Ettinger, Michael Trotter, Lily Taylor, Tess Harper, Cosmo Jarvis, Marc Menchaca, Ross Partridge
The Evening Hour

Cole Freeman maintains an uneasy equilibrium in his rural Appalachian town, looking after the old and infirm while selling their excess painkillers to local addicts. But when an old friend returns to town with plans that upend the fragile balance and identity he’s so painstakingly crafted, Cole is forced to take action. In this poetically, atmospheric film that premiered at Sundance this year, Braden King brings to life Carter Sickels’ novel with beautiful cinematography and fine acting performances from Philip Ettinger, Michael Trotter, Emmy-nominee Lili Taylor, and Oscar-nominee Tess Harper.

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