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Matt Wolf
Stacey Reiss, Matt Wolf
Sam Wootton
Principal Cast:
Spaceship Earth

This fascinating documentary grants viewers inside access into the 1991 Biosphere 2 experiment, a giant replica of the earth’s ecosystem to demonstrate the viability of supporting and maintaining human life in outer space. Eight brave men and women were sent to live inside the terrarium, in the Arizona desert, for two years without contact to the outside world. Matt Wolf’s present day interviews with the remaining living biospherians, along with never before seen footage of the life inside the Biosphere, raise questions on the validity of the project and the conflicting motives of the leaders behind it. Oil tycoon, Ed Bass, and commune leader, John Allen, are at the forefront of the media ridicule. A film not only for science fanatics but anyone interested in the impact our daily decisions have on our planet.

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