Feature Films

Mike Doyle
Kaolin Bass, Ellyn Vander Wyden, Mandy Ward
Ludovic Littee
Principal Cast:
Patricia Clarkson, Kate Walsh, Scott Evans, Augustus Prew, Michelle Buteau, Zoe Chao, Christopher Gray, Colin Donnell
Sell By

This romantic comedy set in the smartphone era follows a group of friends and couples (gay and straight) living in New York City and navigating life, love, and friendship without their GPS. Finely observed and humorously written, this story asks the question of whether every relationship has an expiration date. Adam and Marklin (played by Scott Evans and Augustus Prew) are at their 5 year mark, while on the opposite ends of the spectrum are Elizabeth (played by Kate Walsh) who is on the verge of a divorce and Cammy (played by Michelle Buteau) who is fumbling her way through a new relationship. The charismatic ensemble of actors (including Patricia Clarkson in a cameo) sparkle with on-screen chemistry and radiate authenticity as they bring to life Mike Doyle’s poignant script and witty dialogue.

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