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Jonathan Keijser
Principal Cast:
Closing Day: Peace By Chocolate

Life for refugees means losing everything – home, history, and family. Issam Hadhad (played by the late great Hatem Ali) is the best chocolatier and “happiness-maker” in Syria but, when his factory is bombed, the family flees to start a new life in the frozen hinterlands of Antigonish, Nova Scotia. His son, Tareq, an aspiring medical student, wants to resume his studies and become a doctor but is torn between a Western culture that values individualism and his Muslim upbringing, where tradition and allegiance to the family are deeply rooted. This touchingly poignant film about beginnings and endings tells the real-life story of the Haddad family striving to make sweet dreams come true with their new taste of freedom in a Canadian community and culture where everything begins to feel possible

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