Feature Films

Ry Levey
Brad Webb, Ry Levey, Darren Dean
Principal Cast:
Sonny Kiss, Mike Parrow, Dani Jordyn, Pollo Del Mar, Effy, Reiza Clarke, Susan Tex Green, Steve Blair, AC Mack, Dark Sheik, Charlie Morgan, Scott McEwan, Ashton Starr, Billy Dixon, Jordan Blade, Kaitlin Diemond, Lola Starr, Wade Keller.
Out in The Ring

Using a combination of interviews with LGBTQ+ wrestling talents (past and present), allies & historians, archival footage and rare photos, Out in the Ring uncovers the history of something taboo in the pro wrestling industry and the rise of visibility for performers and fans around the world. It’s a historical look at how these trailblazers have set about to survive, thrive and change perceptions in and out of the business.

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