Feature Films

Deidre O’Connor
Jodi Weiner, Deirdre O'Connor
Shawn Schaffer
Principal Cast:
Danny Aiello, Adria Tennor, Frankie Ingrassia, Sal Rendino, Sioux Madden, Natalie Seus, Sasha Georgette, Michael O'Connor
One Moment

With levity and wit, this heartwarming story pays final tribute to actor, Danny Aiello, the scene-stealing, aging patriarch of the McGuinness family whose fading memory has everyone concerned. Adria Tennor, Frankie Ingrassia, and Sal Rendino authentically portray the dynamics of middle-aged siblings with humor and empathy. As they rally to care for their dad, they find themselves in a whole new arena where shifting roles, past rivalries, and swirling emotions complicate their lives. But even with the mayhem of parent-child role reversal, Aiello remains a brilliant ringmaster and delivers a stirring performance filled with funny, wise poignancy, one moment at a time.

One Moment

One Moment Q&A
YouTube Video Approx. 16:22 min.

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