Feature Films

Ry Ferro, Deborah C. Hoard
Deborah C. Hoard
Peter Carroll, David Kossack, Ry Ferro, Jeff Hodges
Principal Cast:
Dorothy Foreman Cotton, Ambassador Andrew Young, Rev. William Barber, LaTosha Brown, Rev. Bernard Lafayette, Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson
Move When the Spirit Says Move: The Legacy of Dorothy Foreman Cotton

A bold, highly effective civil rights movement leader, Dorothy Foreman Cotton inspired generations of activists through powerful freedom songs and eye-opening life lessons through her Citizenship Schools. Charismatic, courageous, and the only woman on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s executive staff, Dorothy motivated waves of young people to stand up against pervasive injustice and racism. Move When the Spirit Says Move illuminates Dorothy’s incredible work, her legacy, and her lasting influence across generations.

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