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Lisa Molomot, Jeff Bemiss
Jeff Bemiss, Jacob Bricca, Lisa Molomot
Jeff Bemiss, Lisa Molomot
Principal Cast:
Nora Lopez, Eduardo Canales, Craig Johnson
Missing In Brooks County

As Mexican migrants attempt to circumvent one of Texas’s busiest immigration checkpoints, they often get lost in unforgiving ranch lands and die from dehydration and exposure. More than a documentary mystery, this gripping drama is a profoundly human portrait that follows two American families in search of missing loved ones. Tragically, for some, only bones, toothbrushes, and love letters are the littered remains that bring closure or peace. The life-and-death consequences of a broken immigration system are vividly portrayed through the eyes of human rights workers, activists, local residents, and law enforcement agents.

Missing in Brooks County

Missing in Brooks County Q&A
YouTube Video Approx. 23:01 min.

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