Feature Films

Edson Jean
Mark Pulaski, Fabiola Rodriguez
Principal Cast:
Shein Mompremier, Alan Myles Heyman, Madelin Marchant, Patrice DeGraff-Arenas, Success St. Fleur Jr

Ludi, a hardworking and exhausted nurse, battles coworkers, uncooperative clients and one impatient bus driver to learn her self-worth as she chases the American Dream in Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood. Shein Mompremier, in the role of Ludi, delivers a heartbreakingly vulnerable performance as she channels the self-sacrificing experiences of all the Haitian women in her family. Edson Jean who played Mr. Pierce in Moonlight makes his directorial debut in this emotionally resonant film that convincingly captures immigrant life and the heroic measures often taken to bring hope and happiness to loved ones back home.

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