Feature Films

Margaret Munzer Loeb, Eden Wurmfeld
Lisa Eisenpresser, Eden Wurmfeld
Justin Schein
Principal Cast:
Peter Gray, Lenore Skenazy, Julie Lythcott-Haims
Chasing Childhood

In this thoughtful, stimulating exploration of the “free play” movement, educational experts sound the alarm that over-scheduling and helicopter parenting are virtually robbing kids of their childhood. Their fascinating search for solutions takes a look at three communities with different socio-economic backgrounds trying to shift culture with a “less is more” approach that creates room for independent play in the hope of raising children to become happy, healthy adults. Though filmed before the pandemic, the intimate voices featured throughout help spark timely conversation and illuminate issues that are profoundly relevant today.

Chasing Childhood

Chasing Childhood Q&A
YouTube Video Approx. 32:04 min.

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