Feature Films

Alyssa Bolsey
Alyssa Bolsey, Philippe Coeytaux, Nicolas Wadimoff
Joseph Areddy, Camilo Lara Jr., Pietro Zuercher
Principal Cast:
Beyond The Bolex

When visionary Jewish immigrant Jacques Bolsey invents the Bolex in the 1920's, he puts the first home movie camera in the hands of everyday folks, fomenting a film revolution that still inspires artists to this day. Nearly a century later, his great-granddaughter Alyssa Bolsey uncovers his long lost archive and journeys to discover the man behind the machine. Once Jacques’ images and philosophical musings saw the light of day, she took 12 years to painstakingly develop this extraordinary tale of his life and legacy, tracing back to one original idea that has magically withstood the test of time.

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