Feature Films

Paul Morrison
Anna Mohr-Pietsch, Stewart Le Marechal, Maggie Monteith
David Katznel
Principal Cast:
Alison Steadman, Dave Johns, Natalie Simpson, Graham Cole, Bob Goody, Marsha Millar, Oliver Powell
23 Walks

Dave and Fern, two British “pensioners” in their 60’s begin to bond over their mutual love of dogs and nature while walking his gentle German shepherd and her frisky Yorkshire terrier. In this sweet, funny, pup-centric romance, they learn that finding love in later life is more than just a “walk in the park” – it’s the ability to share intimate stories where one’s hopes, losses, and regrets land on safe ground. With sincere and spirited performances, Dave Johns and Alison Steadman effortlessly bring to life the wit and wisdom of Paul Morrison’s finely observant script, which tackles some weightier issues amidst the lighter moments. Filmed on location throughout beautiful parks in North London, the changing seasons gently signal the passage of time and the alluring mystery of when love will strike.

23 Walks

23 Walks Q&A
YouTube Video Approx. 15:57 min.

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