Spotlight on Shorts Challenge Contender: Travis Rush

March 19, 2019
Thomas Smith

Five Finalists will duke it out in front of a live panel of industry judges and a voting audience at the Annapolis Film Festival’s Shorts Challenge: Pitch Contest. The winner receives a $20,000 in-kind production package to produce their short film which will premiere at the 2020 Annapolis Film Festival.

Watch the Shorts Challenge Live, Saturday, March 23 at Maryland Hall Theater at 10:30am. Get your tickets and vote for who you think should be the winner!

Here’s an interview with Shorts Finalist Travis Rush with “Let’s Make Things Clear”.

Are you a new filmmaker or evolving?
I’ve been filmmaking for a few years now, but believe I’ll always be evolving, refining the style of how I choose to tell stories and hoping to grow from them.

What is your background in film?
I started at community college, doing the film and television program, and since then I have freelanced in production, working as a cinematographer, writer and director for commercial and independent work.

How did you hear about this Shorts Challenge?
I was told about it by a mentor, they thought that the topic and opportunity of the shorts challenge was a good fit for me, and I think it is.

How did you come up with your idea?
I saw a video of something that occurred off the air in a news room and it instantly sparked the idea for me. Since I’ve explored the concept, the more and more I find the value of telling this story.

How are you preparing to defend your synopsis? What is your strategy to win?
I plan to defend my synopsis by explaining it as clearly as possible, leaving little room for question and confusion, and hopefully immersing listeners into the stories world and scenario.

How will your life change if you win the competition?
As a filmmaker, any chance that I get at making something with extra assistance is considered a success. We all learn how to adjust and adapt our stories into ways that we can achieve making them. Winning this would help me set the bar higher, knowing that we have major components of production taken care of.