“Rewind” - Shorts Challenge

“Rewind” - Shorts Challenge, by Linda Gentry and Nichole Worsley

April 2, 2024
Mary Grace Gallagher

Looking back, Linda Gentry and Nichole Worsley were artists from the beginning. Growing up on the same block in Washington D.C., they took dance classes together and organized fashion shows with their friends. It’s only in the last 15 years that their friendship became the basis of a filmmaking partnership called D.C. Homegrown Entertainment. And now, they hope to make a film about looking back that encompasses multiple perspectives.

“It’s one story from three points of view,” says Gentry. “Watching it, we want you to feel like a fly on the wall. We want you to feel like you are the character.”

The story is a classic crime of passion, with a jealous lover holding his hands to his fiance’s throat while a nosey neighbor watches, unseen, from across the street. The audience watches the story unwind from each of the character’s perspectives.

The movie is without dialogue relying entirely on its musical score to build and release tension.

“The music is going to build the narrative,” said Worsley. “I love how music can change everything.”

Gentry and Worsley like to draw on the past for their screenplays. Their 2015 narrative short feature “Sister, Sister, Sister” drew upon stories of from friends and relatives who learned about the existence of half-siblings for the first time at their parents’ funerals and their 2018 “Grandma was a Gangster,” is a “family” comedy.

“We just take all of what we’ve been doing all our lives and pour it into producing movies and screenplays,” Gentry said. “We call in favors and get it done.”