"The Race to Alaska"

Film Conversation: "The Race to Alaska"

April 14, 2021
John Frenaye

OK, this is bizarre. Take $10,000 in cash nailed to a post, a set of steak knives. Put a bunch of non-motorized boats in some of the most treacherous water in North America, and see how they do for 750 miles.

That is the plotline of "The Race to Alaska." It is a real-life race with some true adventurers competing for the steak knives for the most part. We spoke with Zach Carver about the race, how he got the more than 70,000 clips to make this documentary and a whole lot more.

This is one of our must-see films at the Annaolis Film Festival!

The Race to Alaska
Conversation with Director Zach Carver

The Race to Alaska Conversation
Audio File Approx. 30:44 min.