"Dusty & Stones"

"Dusty & Stones"

March 16, 2023
Alexandra Radovic

Country music is an undeniably universal genre that connects people from all over the world. Cousins Gazi ‘Dusty’ Simelane and Linda ‘Stones’ Msibi carry this truth in the 2022 documentary Dusty & Stones.

The film follows the “gentle brothers'' on a journey from their sparse hometown in Swaziland, Africa all the way to an international music competition in Texas. Along the way, they are given an opportunity to record in Nashville and experience a part of the world and a part of country music they never would have imagined.

The film chronicles the boys’ modest beginnings, uploading their songs to YouTube in hopes of building an audience outside of what they call their ‘tiny but beautiful kingdom.” When they receive a virtual invitation to the Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards, the duo prepares for an unexpected, but life changing adventure.

As the first black country artists to compete at the awards, the boys must humble themselves and step outside of their comfort zone to experience all of the beer, line dancing and small-town hospitality the heart of country music has to offer.

With a zest for life and a passion for music, Dusty & Stones sing to represent their homeland and long to create opportunities for their descendants. Although thrown outside of their normalcy and sent across the globe, the young men find a home in country music. This endearing film is a must see for any country music lover, or even those who just crave a feel-good success story.

Feature Documentary: "Dusty & Stones"
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Feature Documentary. 83 min.