Coffee Talks

April 1, 2022
Thomas Smith

Before the glamor and commotion of the Annapolis Film Festival is under way, each festival day begins in earnest with captivating conversations over coffee. Coffee Talks is one of AFF’s best-kept secrets, and an early start time of 9 a.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday means it will fit into even the busiest filmgoer’s schedule.

These chats between a panel of prominent filmmakers and a relatively small audience have an informative structure and intimately casual nature. While film festival parties provide a chance to mingle with filmmakers and post-film Q&A’s give audiences a chance to ask questions about a feature film, Coffee Talks offers prudent and engaging film industry discussions in a way that no other setting can. Unlike other AFF panels, these conversations don’t have a set topic, so subjects of conversation can range far and wide. It’s a place for industry insiders and casual movie-lovers alike to laugh, be entertained, talk shop, and take away something meaningful about shared film experiences. You won’t want to miss Coffee Talks at the Annapolis Film Festival.

Coffee talks are located at the convenient location of Ramshead Tavern in downtown Annapolis, and the $20 price of admission covers high-quality coffee for all from Baltimore Coffee&Tea — not to mention the memorable experience of attending Annapolis Film Festival Coffee Talks.