Sponsors that have supported AFF for ten years!

"A Decade of Support"

February 8, 2022
The AFF Team

Executing a top-notch film festival such as AFF would not be possible without our dedicated supporters.  As we celebrate our tenth year, we would like to draw attention to those who have been with us from the very beginning. From our early volunteer meetings in the back room of 49 West prior to the “Shorts Crawl,” which was, “a bunch of shorts meets a pub crawl” idea to introduce independent film to everyone. We evolved into one of the most respected film festivals in the Mid-Atlantic region, known for an impressive slate of films and the hospitality we afford our selected filmmakers and industry guests.

As we have grown into the largest and most diverse arts event in Annapolis each year, our loyal community of patrons, sponsors and businesses have continued to play a key role in making the film festival possible.  With grant support from the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County and the Maryland State Arts Council, the Maryland Film Office and the City of Annapolis we have been able to find quality seasonal festival professionals that bring institutional knowledge and experience with them. But the real reason that we have grown steadily is from the unwavering support of a few of our own “arts heroes,” those who have generously and unselfishly supported us for a decade now.

We would like to honor these special sponsors who are in a rare class of their own. They have been there from day one providing financial resources, in kind support, and promotional opportunities to help us make the festival a success. True lovers of film and the arts, they realized early on how the film festival could not only economically benefit our town, but believed, like us, that it would transform our community. And it has by bringing us together, while offering a cool cultural identity to Annapolis. They understood AFF’s mission from the beginning, to educate, inspire and entertain others through the art of film.

Of course, it was the other arts folks in town that stepped up to help from the start. These selfless sponsors include Art Life who creates our animated bumper, Graca McKenny Graphic Services who does all of our large signage, FILMSTERS television and film production, and Citizen Pride with Joe Barsin at the helm serving as our Art Director and keeper of our brand. Joe produces a visual representation of our theme each year by designing our festival poster.  AFF’s incredible designs and programs are brought to you in a tangible form each year by our high-quality printing sponsors Ironmark (formerly CPS Gumpert) and Sir Speedy.  Their services give our attendees something to hold on to from years past keeping AFF memories alive!  Maryland Hall has been a stalwart supporter for all ten years and serves as a crucial venue with two screens and is now home to the Annapolis Film Society’s monthly screenings. 

Extending hospitality beyond the walls of their own establishments are our very loyal restaurant and hotel partners.  Of course, our Signature hotel partner is still the same even though it has changed names from Loews to the Hotel Annapolis to The Graduate, today. It serves as base camp and Welcome Center, filmmaker lounge and hosts not only guests, but special panels too. The Baltimore Coffee & Tea Co. has kept our staff and volunteers energized for a long weekend of films and is well known as the “Official coffee of AFF.” If you haven’t attended a “Coffee Talks With…” yet, you are missing out. They also provide the java for the Jewish Experience breakfast. There are many options when it comes to finding a place to stay in Annapolis.  Many of our out-of-town guests have found comfort and a chocolate chip cookie at the Doubletree Hotel Annapolis for the past decade.  

Our restaurant partners include Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen, Cafe Normandie, and Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge keeping our bellies full for the past ten years. The Palate Pleasers, our Official Caterer of our Opening Night festivities always offers culinary surprises that are themed to fit our Opening Night film. Republic National has been by our side ensuring our guests have a variety of beverages to imbibe at parties while we have Serious Grip & Electric to thank for keeping the lights on and the party going all weekend!

Sharing experiences and maintaining communication with our audience has been bolstered by our promotional partners.  Visit Annapolis, Chesapeake Family LIFE, and Eye on Annapolis have all been essential in the advancement of the Annapolis Film Festival.  Thanks for telling everyone about the films, showcases and spotlight films that we offer as well as the special guests that may be in town. We also have to thank Synergics Films for their support from day one. We so incredibly fortunate to have such dedicated sponsors and valued partnerships each year, but AFF is especially appreciative of those that have been with us for all ten of these crazy years!  You, are the Annapolis Film Festival’s unsung heroes. Thanks for taking the ride with us. Look what we have been able to do together! THANK YOU. There will always be room to join this supportive community as we look toward the future.  Sponsorship forms can be found on our website under the support tab or at the following address: