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Good Morning Film Friends, We are aware that there are technical difficulties with the Film Festival Flix platform and are working diligently to troubleshoot the issues. If you are not already, please use Google Chrome as your browser instead of Safari. If you are still experiencing technical difficulties with the AFF Channel, please email Film Festival Flix at:
and include a call-back number for direct technical support. Once again, that’s
If you leave a voicemail at the AFF customer support phone number, we will get back to you as soon we can! Thank you so much for your patience.

Because we were unable to "physically" share our long-awaited, 2020 Annapolis Film Festival with our loyal area audiences due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of the Annapolis Film Festival and the AFF staff have taken steps to bring our festival to you. If you’re looking for a range of enriching and inspiring viewing in this time of social distancing, next weekend, March 27-29, AFF would like to invite you to join us from the comfort and safety of your own home through a virtual presentation of the 2020 Annapolis Film Festival. Thanks to the cooperation and support from filmmakers and studios, most of our 2020 programming will be available on the Annapolis Film Festival Channel in partnership with, a secure viewing platform for film festivals that you can access virtually or other devices ala Netflix or Hulu.              

Over the last year, our team has worked hard to bring you this festival, so we are beyond thrilled to have this opportunity to keep the “voice” of our festival alive. Our AFF Channel will include many of the same shorts, documentaries and narrative features that you were planning to see at our traditional film festival next weekend. This platform will allow us to champion the filmmakers and films we selected and carefully curated programs that we have put together for you. We are as committed as ever to bringing exciting and important films to our community, and we will continue to do so in the best and safest way possible. As a ticket buyer or pass holder we will be honoring your pass or ticket benefits at our virtual film festival! You will receive an email from on how to create your own username and password and receive a coupon code for your pass or ticket that will allow you to view the available program(s).

Thank you so much for being patient with us during this time as we needed to work with the distributors and filmmakers to build this virtual film festival for you. Because film distributors have strict contractual agreements, there are a few films that we (and all other festivals using these platforms) will not be able to screen. But we are happy to report that even with the loss of some of our films, we will still have most of our strong program in place and are proud to offer it to you and highlight our filmmakers’ voices.

How Does The AFF Channel Work?


This means that the film will play in the same time slots as in the original schedule. There will be a 15-minute grace period on each end to account for any exsanguinating delays. There are films we did not receive permission to view outside of a specific time period or outside the Annapolis area. Look for these “linear programmed” films that are color-coded and please plan your schedule accordingly.

Anytime During Festival Dates

This means that the film will be available for viewing from a full library at any time you are signed into the secure platform for the three days of the film festival, thus allowing you to watch on your schedule. This library will look similar to something like Netflix or Hulu for the allotted weekend time period, though you will need to enter in your personalized access code every time you want to view a film.

Similar to the experience of being at a festival in person, films on our digital platform can only be viewed once per user. Films cannot be replayed from the beginning, but they can be paused and rewound up to 10 minutes. If you decide to exit out of the film to explore a different option, you will be unable to restart your first choice over again.

If you have already purchased a ticket or film pass, you will be given the access codes to your level of viewership once you have successfully created your account on The subscription to is no additional charge to you. You can also purchase additional films throughout the weekend. You can do this directly on after you have created your account.

Geographic Restrictions

Almost all Feature Films are restricted to the Maryland/DC viewing area, with certain films being restricted to within a 60-mile radius of Annapolis. If you live in the Annapolis or the surrounding area, you will be within the viewing area. To see which films are available where, click below:

How to Watch on Your Television

There are several ways you can view our virtual festival on your television:
1) Roku (Device or Stick): Click on the button below to add the Film Festival Flix App to your TV
2) Chromecast: With Chromecast from Google, you can stream Film Festival Flix movies from your computer on your TV.
- Note: Chromecast works ONLY for “Subscriptions”, “Streaming Rental”, and “Lifetime Streaming” Purchases. “Download to Own” WILL NOT work with this method.
3) HDMI Cable: In many instances, especially with PC computers and laptops, you can connect your computer and TV with an HDMI Cable. You may have to adjust the Display settings on your computer for the external monitor. HDMI Cables are available at all major retailers. You can purchase an HDMI adapter for your Mac, iPad, or iPhone.
4) Apple TV: With Apple TV you can stream Film Festival Flix movies from your computer on your TV. From Apple devices only (Computer, iPad, iPhone, or other Apple Device) you can Mirror your screen using the Air Play function. Detailed instructions are included with Apple TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Create Your Account/Purchase Tickets and Passes

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We Are Here For You!

Our hope for you is to stay safe, stay well, and weather this storm with the good will and generous energy that is so characteristic of our community. We will be in touch with more information in the days to come. We are committed to updating all of our viewers in real time during this process. Please sign up to receive direct communication by joining our e-newsletter on the homepage of this website. We will have live customer support set up for ease and any clarifications via our office phone number (240)665-5826 the following hours:

Monday, March 23rd - Thursday, March 26th
10:00am to 5:00pm EST
Friday, March 27th – Sunday, March 29th
9:00am to 7:00pm EST
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